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P2P investments

High yields, short durations.

Along with great returns, 1 month and 3 year terms, BancaClub Notes provide many portfolio benefits, ranging from current income to lower interest rate risk. This unique investment opportunity provides meaningful returns without locking up your money for long periods of time.

Proven, consistent profitability of consumer credit.

Lending to consumers is a decades old industry that’s produced profits year after year for a handful of credit card companies and banks. BancaClub provides investors unprecedented access to this market, with consistent returns.

Monthly cash flow

Borrowers make monthly payments of principal plus interest that show up in your BancaClub account. Create a passive income stream, or easily reinvest your cash earnings with our online investing tools like quick invest.

Investment diversification.

Diversify your portfolio by adding a new asset class loans which is less vulnerable to market volatility than other investments.

Tax advantages with the BancaClub.

Along with high-yields and consistent returns, enjoy tax advantages when you open your new or rollover BancaClub account. See how fast your retirement savings can grow when you invest your individual retirement account with BancaClub.

Social lending: invest in people.

Help hardworking families escape the credit card trap, fund an entrepreneur’s dream, or finance a dream wedding, while earning a healthy return. Through BancaClub, borrowers get fixed rate personal loans that are smarter alternatives to high interest rate credit card debt that could take years to pay off.

With easy monthly payments of principal and interest to investors like you, borrowers get what they want without getting deeper into debt. Take a look at our loan listings. These are real people with real stories, wants and needs.

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